Two Quality Builders

Starlane Homes

Starlane Home Corporation has built and sold over 9,000 homes in the Greater Toronto Area. Starlane is a family run business that takes great pride in every home we build. The owners of the company have over 50 years of experience in the home building industry. Starlane has built many different types of homes for a variety of customers – from first, second and third time buyers to empty nesters. Our reputation for unique designs, attention to detail, and outstanding quality and service has won us praise from customers and a number of industry awards.

Valery Homes

Founded by Clemente Valeri in the mid 1950's, Valery Homes gained notoriety throughout Southern Ontario for their quality of workmanship. Today, the task has fallen upon Ted, Anthony & Paul Valeri to continue in this tradition of excellence. At Valery Homes the time honoured principles of quality, reliability and value haven’t always been our passion; they’ve been our obsession. Valery Homes is devoted to building communities of excellence. With a proud history of solid success, financial strength and high standards of home building quality, sharing this heritage with our customers is Valery Homes’ mission.